Saturday, February 15, 2014

Midnight Verses-Part 1

The best words come out at the most unexpected times and here are a few that managed to get jotted down during one of the 'friday night- sessions'.

The credits of these words should go to the thoughts that race in the head of two middle working class, male, engineer-turned-consultancy service providing bachelors over a cup of <let's say> coffee.
Disclaimer- When the going gets tough, the tough get lazy and drunk<again, let's say on coffee>.

Verse 1:<hindi mein joh baatein hoti hein, dil koh bade pyaar se choothi hein>

Chotti si ummar hein ,
Dil me joh junnoon hein,
Ankho ne joh sapne dekein,
Mann mein kayin nayein ummeedko jagayein.

Ki choole chaand sitaroon ko tum,
Ki udthe jaoon badhaloon se bhi upar tum,
Ek pal bhi ab khone ko na raha,
Har kadham peh aaghe badna hein meri jaan.

Verse 2:- <switching to Angrez>

I was high and I looked up the sky....
You saw me laughing but I wondered why....
I cherished every moment, as the times flew by...
Is this love or hate, I shed a tear and cry...

Verse 3:- <this was the last one of the night(4am)>

Neither love nor friendship ..nor all the hatred..
Made you ever doubt that sanctity of the life sacred..
You chose to believe in the purity of love..
And like everybody else, simply trusted that there was a God above.


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